“Hey, Cole, here comes the tuk-tuk!” The tuk-tuk driver pulls to the curb of the Old Antigua Inn, and Cole and Anna climb aboard. “Y’all be good!” Cole’s mom calls. “We’ll be fine!” Anna calls back to her mom and dad. Anna, the elder of the cousins, is nine-years-old. Cole, a year younger than she, is a ‘young-un’. They pretend to be brave, venturing out on their own in this Latin American country. They had been looking forward to tootling around in this very cool gas-powered tricycle. The yellow tuk-tuk creeps forward, sputtering and blowing white exhaust like a worn out weed whacker.

Gary Neil Gupton has travelled to Guatemala on mission trips to build houses, distribute food and spread the love. He sailed on the 18th century replica ship Endeavour. He took a walkabout in Key West with the spirit of Hemingway – to the Southernmost Point. He explored southern Spain, Panama and Puerto Rico, by the canal and through rainforests. But his heart will always return to Guatemala where the children run barefoot – and teach us how to fly.

Time to Meet Max: Adventures with Anna and Cole (a new version of the children’s chapter book with illustrations by Gary Neil Gupton) November 11 will be the launch of this new ‘Max’ at the Magnolia Greens Arts and Crafts Fair. New art. New links to come to my website (lesson plan ideas, recipes, photos from Guatemala, coloring book for the kids:). Follow me at garyneilgupton.com, notpugyrag on twitter, sometimes facebook Gary Neil Gupton.) Thanks for the love. Gary