Gilbert comes to the clearing in the forest at the base of the gigantic cocobolo tree. High above, in the dense foliage of the cocobolo tree, the leaves rustle. A palm nut tumbles through the branches and glances off Gilbert’s head. “Ow!” With an open hand Gilbert rubs his noggin, a lump quickly sprouting beneath his gold and brown locks. Cobwebs are swept from his cranium, his earlobes jiggled. He looks up into the canopy of the cocobolo tree, sits back on his haunches, scrunches up his face and massages his head. Gilbert crawls and wedges himself between two elephantine roots at the base of the massive tree trunk, resting his aching head on the smooth bark pillow, thinking, not thinking, trying to remember why he is here. (Excerpt from p.11 of manuscript)

Kudos for Biscuit Weaver/That Southern Thing

Gary, Passing along a review comment made Aug 17 through "6-minute Stories" on Apple Podcasts Congratulations.  "As a yankee recently transplanted to Western North Carolina, I have gotten quite an invaluable education from "That Southern Thing." I was especially charmed by the exquisite descriptive beauty of "The Biscuit Weaver."  Keep writing.  Sincerely, Randell Randell JonesDaniel Boone Footstepswww.danielboonefootsteps.comThat … Continue reading Kudos for Biscuit Weaver/That Southern Thing

“Zoomed” to StarNews! "Leland author pens mystery in smokeless world" (by Ben Steelman, Wilmington StarNews, Sunday 8/23/2020 In this book, some vices are outlawed while another is appreciated. Imagine, if you will, a world where tobacco and alcohol are banned but vaping is practically mandatory. It’s not “The Twilight Zone” but a new young adult novel by … Continue reading “Zoomed” to StarNews!

“Natural Causes” Book Launch

YA novel "Natural Causes" launches today from the author's front porch and virtually on Zoom. ON SALE paper and hardback from the author, Gary Neil Gupton (message this website or; Wilmington local independent bookstores Old Books on Front Street and Pomegranite Books Check for your local independent bookseller. Also, national outlets … Continue reading “Natural Causes” Book Launch

Biscuit Weaver

Personal Story Publishing Project. That Southern Thing. Includes personal stories of "living, loving, laughing, loathing, leaving the South." Gary Neil Gupton's Biscuit Weaver, memories of Aunt Nobia. Follow the link at the top of the page for a reading of the story by Randell Jones, editor of the anthology.

Frederick Buechner quote

There are people with all sorts of enthusiasms and creativities which are not often enough made use of or even recognized because the tendency is not to rock the boat but to keep on doing things the way they have always been done.   -Originally published in Telling Secrets

Gary Neil Gupton has travelled to Guatemala on mission trips to build houses, distribute food and spread the love. He sailed on the 18th century replica ship Endeavour. He took a walkabout in Key West with the spirit of Hemingway – to the Southernmost Point. He explored southern Spain, Panama and Puerto Rico, by the canal and through rainforests. But his heart will always return to Guatemala where the children run barefoot – and teach us how to fly.